Patience is a virtue

© Becca Gulliver 2015

© Becca Gulliver 2015

As a majority of people should know by now, parts of the UK and Europe witnessed solar eclipse today.

I awoke this morning at about 8:30am and rolled myself begrudgingly out of my nice warm bed. It was depressingly overcast here in Totnes, Devon. I shrugged my shoulders and put the coffee machine on.

Whilst the coffee machine was percolating it’s tasty black goodness, I ventured into the back garden to assess the situation. It was thickly overcast and not looking very good to be honest. Meh. I go back inside to the coffee machine, in full knowledge that at least that won’t disappoint me.

I head back out again, my 2 vices in my hands (coffee and nicotine) and have another look. Above our roof I can see patchy blue sky, of course, the sun is in the opposite direction. My spirits lifted by this I set up my tripod and camera and played the waiting game. Roughly an hour later I was rewarded for my patience.


dust and sun

dust and sun by BeccaG
dust and sun, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Shot at Boomtown Fair 2013.

Didn’t pull this one off as I had hoped, but still not bad considering the level of drunkardness I was at.


Paignton Pier – revisit

Paignton Pier by BeccaG
Paignton Pier, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Yesterday, although chilly, the light was interesting, sunny yet not harsh as is usual for this time of the year. I just had to get out of the house and reshoot an image I took  here years ago (which will be posted at some point in the future).


End of a day

End of a day by BeccaG
End of a day, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Took mini me out for a stroll today to make the most of the dry sunny weather. We caught the last of the sun and were treated to some amazing colours before we headed back home.