From the archives…

I’ve barely picked up a camera this year and have almost totally ignored the 10 or so films that need developing. My mojo is most certainly lost.

However, it’s grey and horrible outside, so I’m finding that I’m poking about in the archives a lot more and pulling out images I’ve previously passed over for some reason or another. Hopefully whilst I’m digging about in the past, I’ll find where I put my mojo.

These 2 photos are from a trip I took with my family in 2010.

Many many angles


Road Trip Memories.

Rijksweg by BeccaG
Rijksweg, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Just outside Cadier en Keer, The Netherlands.

Dipping into the archives again.

I chose this one today, as I have fond memories of this 3 week long road trip taking in Amsterdam, Gouda, Maastrich, Liege, Chaud Fontaine, Paris and Disneyland Paris (not to mention the many little places in between).

I didn’t make the opportunity for myself to travel when I was younger and before I’d had children.  Thankfully my partner enjoys it and has allowed me to join in some of his adventures.

It is a bittersweet memory today, as we are replacing the car that took us on this particular journey.  Even though it is only a car, it will forever be linked with this adventure, taking myself, my partner and our 2 children safely on this trip.