Rainbow over Totnes Bridge



End of a day

End of a day by BeccaG
End of a day, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Took mini me out for a stroll today to make the most of the dry sunny weather. We caught the last of the sun and were treated to some amazing colours before we headed back home.


Totnes twinned with Narnia

Totnes twinned with Narnia by BeccaG
Totnes twinned with Narnia, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon.

Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon. by BeccaG
Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon., a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
As seen from the river path.

Here is a similar shot taken last year, from a slightly different position – www.flickr.com/photos/beccag/5728534800/in/set-7215762607…