This is a re-edit of an old image. You can find my original edit here.


10 years on flickr

Today I am celebrating my 10 year ‘flickrversary’. On this day 10 years ago I uploaded my first ever image to flickr.

Follow the link to a set I have created with some of my personal favourite images I’ve uploaded over the decade: 10 YEARS ON FLICKR


From the archives…

I’ve barely picked up a camera this year and have almost totally ignored the 10 or so films that need developing. My mojo is most certainly lost.

However, it’s grey and horrible outside, so I’m finding that I’m poking about in the archives a lot more and pulling out images I’ve previously passed over for some reason or another. Hopefully whilst I’m digging about in the past, I’ll find where I put my mojo.

These 2 photos are from a trip I took with my family in 2010.

Many many angles