Road Trip Memories.

Rijksweg by BeccaG
Rijksweg, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Just outside Cadier en Keer, The Netherlands.

Dipping into the archives again.

I chose this one today, as I have fond memories of this 3 week long road trip taking in Amsterdam, Gouda, Maastrich, Liege, Chaud Fontaine, Paris and Disneyland Paris (not to mention the many little places in between).

I didn’t make the opportunity for myself to travel when I was younger and before I’d had children.  Thankfully my partner enjoys it and has allowed me to join in some of his adventures.

It is a bittersweet memory today, as we are replacing the car that took us on this particular journey.  Even though it is only a car, it will forever be linked with this adventure, taking myself, my partner and our 2 children safely on this trip.

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