So you want to be a gangster?

So you want to be a gangster? by BeccaG
So you want to be a gangster?, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Do you think that is the answer?


There are children starving in Africa…

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this was a retort we’d get from my parents if we left a bit of food on our plates. Being a child during the 80’s I’m sure we weren’t the only ones. I recently found myself uttering the same line to my brood.

However, the most shameful thing out of all of this, isn’t that I’ve become my mother. It is the fact that 20 odd years on there are still starving children in Africa.

All a-buzz

Whilst pondering what to post today I chanced across a mini collection of bee images I took last summer. I usually post single images, but I think these should go together.

buuuzzzz bee on lavender bee on lavender bee on berberis



metalwork by BeccaG
metalwork, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.
This rusty contraption has the task of helping to keep Paignton Pier together.

If you’re not already following Steve McCurry’s blog then you really should if you’re a fan of his beautiful work.


Aah, to be lying in a hammock right now…

birds by BeccaG
birds, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Shot this from a hammock last summer, yeah, would love to be doing that right now.

Forgive the old work, but I really want to be regular with posting, so decided to dig about in my stream for something to post.


Paignton Pier – revisit

Paignton Pier by BeccaG
Paignton Pier, a photo by BeccaG on Flickr.

Yesterday, although chilly, the light was interesting, sunny yet not harsh as is usual for this time of the year. I just had to get out of the house and reshoot an image I took  here years ago (which will be posted at some point in the future).